About Me


I am currently attending my second year as a senior at California State University East Bay. I am excited to be so close to earning my B.A. in Communications with a focus on Professional, Public and Organizational Communication.  I transferred to the Bay area from the San Diego area. With California being so large, I came here with the hopes of experiencing the culture the bay has to offer. So far, my stay Northern California has been amazing. It is noticeably different from Southern California. The rich diversity here is incredible.  The exposure to people from different backgrounds and cultures has enabled me not only gain an educational experience. It has created remarkable lasting friendships that I will cherish for life. Though I’ve been enjoying my stay, being up north has helped me gain a greater appreciation for Southern California. Especially the warm sunny weather.

My concentration in Public and Organizational Communication has aspired me to pursue a career in the field of Public Relations. My interest in PR led me to join on campus organization PRSSA, Public Relations Society of America. I am currently working as a team with fellow PRSSA members on a national competition against other PRSSA University students in the country creating a campaign for a company called PopMoney. For this competition, I am using skills learned in the classroom such as research, survey design, and planning. I believe that experiences like this will help prepare her for a real PR job setting.

I have education and training in the area of speech communication. I’ve experienced tutoring East Bay students in speech at the Communication lab at the University. I have the ability to learn quickly and work well with others. I enjoys partaking in various community service activities. My most recent volunteer work were three day service projects making a difference in the bay area. The projects included building homes for those in need with Habitat for Humanity, feeding the homeless with Glide and I got my hands a little dirty doing environmental work with Save the Bay. I am always ecstatic to apply my volunteer and school experiences to my occupation opportunities in a positive manner.

I currently intern for a local non-profit organization called Emerge California, where she helps coordinate a training program that prepares women to run for office.

As for the future, I plan to acquire more internship experiences before I begins a new journey with a professional career in Public Relations.


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